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Leavers 2023 Hoodies

School Leaver Hoodies – Are they the new trend?

School leaver hoodies – are they the latest trend?

Some say that school is the best years of your life…

Why not give your students something to remember those times and their fellow students by.

Our school leavers hoodies come in a wide range of colours to suite your school image as well as a huge range of designs available both with or without students names to create a great keep sake for your students.

You can even have your school logo embroidered on the front!

Printed by our in-house team of professionals the hoodies are printed using DTF (Direct to film) which is great for detailed designs and full colour printing. The DTF prints your chosen design onto a piece of film that then binds the design to the garment using heat and pressure from a heat press.

Our embroidery machines are great for producing logos and we have a huge range of thread colours that we can match to your logo and make your perfect hoodies.

To find out more head to the product link below and take a look at all the designs and colours available and to request a free quote today!