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Face Mask Printing & Personalisation

Face mask printing is a great way to promote a business brand and are now a fairly essential part of our work uniforms, so why not use them as a place to display the business brand? With the country soon to open retail back up to customers, now is a great time to get your employees some PPE with your company branding on.

Sublimation Face Mask Printing

This range full-colour face masks are customised to two-ply polyester using sublimation methods, which is a great way to ensure that employees and customers feel and remain safe while also advertising and reinforcing the brand. Our masks can be washed in a washing machine with little or no loss to the colour vibrancy. Find out more about this range here

2 Ply Single Colour Masks

This range of 2 ply masks are available in 15 popular base colours and can be customised using basic text and logos. They are printed using garment vinyl and can be customised using simple vector logo’s or text. It’s a great way to add a business name to the PPE but is not suitable for heavy coverage. Find out more about this range here

At this point, we must highlight that we are not able to ensure that a face covering can prevent any infection from a virus such as Covid 19. However, it is recommended by the British government that they should be worn during the Covid 19 pandemic to reduce the chances of infection.

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